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DPRL is model used for creating GDPR-friendly open contracts that are transparent and auditable. DPRL comprises of the core model and an ODRL profile for GDPR.

Data Subject Rights in GDPR Related ODRL Actions DPRL Proposed Actions
Right to information inform, read access
Right of subject access inform access
Right to rectification modify rectify
Right to erasure delete, uninstall erase
Right to remove the consent obtainConsent removeConsent
Right to data portability move, transform port
Right to restrict access give, grantUse, reviewPolicy restrict
Right to object to procedure - object

VSCode: Language Support for RDF related language syntax

Tools used

yarn global add bpmnlint or npm install -g bpmnlint

bpmnlint --init bpmnlint model/rectify-bpmn.xml

Important Links

The dissertation:

DPRL model: